Talk to them and reassure them they're not alone

    • Avoid making assumptions - it can be difficult for people to talk about their mental health. Make it easier for them by ignoring the many stereotypes.
    • Don't talk about it to other people - respect the privacy of the person.
    • Encourage people to talk if they want to - ask honest and open questions about their experience, what this means for them, and what support they might need.
    • Don't offer advice - focus on listening.
    • Be flexible - be prepared to adapt your support to suit the individual.
    • Seek help for yourself - it can be difficult supporting someone who is struggling with their mental health. 

I feel there is an immediate danger and I am worried they might harm themselves and/or others

    • Contact their Key Worker if they are already a Mental Health Service User.
    • Encourage them to contact their GP.
    • You can contact their GP and ask for a home visit if you cannot persuade them to go themselves.
    • If there is an immediate danger, contact A&E on 01481 725241 and/or the Police on 999.
    • Follow the link to Further Reading

Further Information

    • Contact Guernsey Mind for information and advice on what to do in this situation.