Governance & Strategy

Providing a service that promotes positive mental health for the community.
Our mission is to provide a service that promotes positive mental health for the community. We campaign locally to improve services, raise awareness and encourage understanding, making it easier to get the right help as early as possible.
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Our Vision, Goal and Values

Our vision is of a society that has a positive attitude towards mental health and is supportive of mental wellbeing.

To promote positive mental health for the community by providing innovative services and campaigning to raise awareness and enable access to a range of services for everyone who needs them.

OPEN  We reach out to anyone who needs us
TOGETHER  We're stronger in partnership
RESPONSIVE  We listen, we act
INDEPENDENT  We speak out fearlessly
UNSTOPPABLE  We never give up
We're stronger in partnerships
We reach out to anyone who needs us
We listen, we act
We speak out fearlessly
We never give up

Plans and Policies

To read our plans and policiesclick on the links below.

Penny Bolger - Hope Singers
“Singing for me with Hope Singers is something I look forward to every week. It really lifts my spirits, it’s great fun and everyone is so friendly.”
Penny Bolger
member of Hope Singers
Sam Cochrane - B&C Gardening Services
“From a business perspective the MHFA training course also helped massively to understand my employees personal circumstances should they need time to look after their own personal wellbeing.”
Sam Cochrane
B&C Garden Services
Lucas Flint - Developer
“The culture is not like most companies I've worked for. There is an atmosphere of genuine camaraderie.”
Lucas Flint
Front-End Engineer