Guernsey Mind
Covid-19 Return to Work

Prepared by Emily Litten, Executive Director 24/04/2020
Updated 19/05/2020
  • No more than 9 members of staff* in the building at any one time. Each room can have a maximum number of people in the room at any one time as follows:
    • 4 members of staff in the main group room
    • 3 members of staff in the office
    • 1 member of staff and 1 client in the library or meeting room.
    • 1 member of staff in the kitchen, entrance hall, hallway or store room.
  • All staff must remain at least 2 metres away from each other at all times.
  • On arriving in the building and opening the front door all staff to use the hand sanitiser provided immediately. The first member of staff to arrive for the day should clean as follows using the gloves and wipes/antibacterial spray provided:
    • All door handles, including the front door (inside and out)
    • The kettle handles, fridge, cupboard handles and taps in the kitchen. All work surfaces to be wiped down.
    • The photocopier buttons
    • The lids of the recycling bins and dustbin
    • Light switches
  • The first member of staff in the office should open the office door, kitchen door, main group door and store room door and prop them open so that no-one else needs to touch the handles. The last member of staff should close all of these doors, wipe down or spray all communal areas (as above) and make sure to use hand sanitiser before leaving the building, using a clean pair of gloves to close the front door and lock up.
  • All staff members should use hand sanitiser before leaving the office.
  • All staff to use the anti-bacterial spray in each toilet to clean the toilet, taps and interior/exterior door handles of the toilet after every use.
  • Only 1 person can be present in the kitchen at any one time, and all staff must use their own mugs and make their own hot drinks. Every surface touched in the kitchen must be wiped down after every single use.
  • Clients must be met on arrival and taken directly to the therapy room, the clients will be required to use hand sanitiser on arrival and departure, and the staff member must open and close all doors. Any visitors to the Centre must be advised about these requirements, and the use of toilets, kitchen and shared space, on arrival by the member of staff, and the staff member is responsible for ensuring these standards are adhered to.
  • Telephones must be wiped down after each use and calls must be transferred to another phone if answering a call for another member of staff.
  • If you have any symptoms of any illness at all please stay at home and let Emily or Jo know.

*or practitioners