Chronic Pain Management

Different elements of chronic pain and the way we relate to it

This course explores how Mindfulness can be of benefit to those affected by chronic pain.

The course, supported by Guernsey Mind, will be run by Chris Robilliard. – a chiropractor and psychologist and has taught mindfulness-based approaches for over 12 years. 

The session will be part presentation, part discussion, part practice and aims to explore ways to manage uncertainty, worry and change.

Chris will introduce techniques that are proven to: 

  • Reduce stress 
  • Boost healing 
  • Help in pain management 
  • Increase enjoyment of life
  • Strengthen present moment focus

Guernsey Mind is a mental health charity and there is a recommended £25 donation to attend this course.

Sunday 12th May 2024 

9.00am-1.00pm at Les Cotils

Book here

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