Ideas for fundraising

The first step in your fundraising challenge is to come up with your idea – what is you will be asking people to sponsor you for or donate towards?

You may wish to join in one of the existing Guernsey Mind Events – such as our 10K run or our Walk of Hope for awareness about suicide – or you may wish to come up with your own event.

Some ideas could include:

  • Hosting a quiz night
  • Running a marathon
  • Holding a car wash
  • A fancy dress themed day/event
  • Head shaves
  • Holding an auction or a raffle
  • Karaoke nights / live music
  • Some sort of 24 hour challenge
  • Cake bakes 
  • Treasure hunt
  • Swimming/cycling/physical challenges

Once you have the idea for your event, the next stage is to select a date and venue and then start promoting. The team at Guernsey Mind are ready to help you.

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