Guernsey Mind Information Workshops and Groups

At Guernsey Mind, we run a number of groups and workshops on a range of topics. These are held on a regular basis and are led by trained facilitators.

Our Mindfulness, Carers and Sleep sessions are psycho-educational groups. These sessions focus on educating clients about their disorders and ways of coping. It’s based on the principles of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). These small workshops are held over two sessions at the Guernsey Mind Centre. You need to attend both sessions.

Our Dealing with Chronic Illness is an art psychotherapy group which is run on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in attending any of the groups, please access the information below for further information and to register your interest. We will then contact you to give you further information and check that the group is suitable for you.

Is Mindfulness for Me?

An introduction to more Practical Mindfulness Skills

Psycho-educational sessions held over two evenings

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present and aware of where we are, what we are doing and not being overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s happening around us.

There is a good scientific evidence base that amongst the benefits of Mindfulness are reduced stress and anxiety, being less emotionally reactive, improved working memory and a greater focus on tasks.  It can also improve your relationships.  

Over two sessions we’ll be introducing some principles of Mindfulness and explore interesting and everyday things that you can turn into Mindful activities – from making a cup of coffee to taking the dog for a walk.     

These sessions are suitable for anyone interested in being more Mindful and has anxiety, stress or depression.  

NOTE: If you have been diagnosed with PTSD, please have a conversation with us first before booking a space. 

Please register your interest

Caring for Carers

‘Carer wellbeing relates closely to service user outcomes’

Kuipers, Onwumere & Bebbington (2010)

Psycho-educational sessions held over two evenings

These two-hour meetings are facilitated by Guernsey Mind in partnership with Carers Guernsey.  We will be sharing information and offering a forum for Carers who are supporting friends and family members who have a mental health diagnosis. 

We’ll look at some of the challenges facing carers such as loneliness, wanting information about diagnoses and treatments, not knowing the best way to cope with difficult and worrying thoughts and behaviours, perhaps not knowing how to get the support for loved ones when they need it.  

We share ideas and experiences to help you manage your own wellbeing as you care for someone else, and you’ll be able to develop your skills and knowledge within a caring environment.

If you feel this would be helpful, please contact us at Guernsey Mind.  We’ll be running this group on a regular basis and establishing a peer support group which will meet regularly at Carers Guernsey. 

Please register your interest


Sleep Workshop

Sleep Workshop

Psycho-educational group held over two sessions

Sleep experts agree that good quality sleep positively influences several brain and key body functions; including blood sugar regulation, mood regulation, athletic performance, and improved immune system and mental function.  They agree that 7-9 hours is optimal. 

And it’s something that more and more of us are struggling to achieve. 

With so many life pressures, sleep can be something that we don’t fully attend to as part of holistic self-care, but it’s time to change.

We’ll be asking group members to record patterns of sleep, we’ll look at the reasons behind poor sleep and thinking about what we can do to improve our sleep.  We’ll be introducing new ideas based on recent research and evidence as well as finding ways of tackling unhelpful thinking patterns that keep us awake at 3am. 

This is a facilitated discussion-based group for six group members – it’s for anyone who is feeling under-slept and looking for a fresh perspective on how to get into a healthy sleeping pattern. 

Please register your interest


Art Psychotherapy Group

Dealing with chronic illness

  • Wednesdays from 1pm at the Lions Mind Centre

The difficult emotions that living with a chronic illness can bring are not spoken about enough. 

Feelings can include grief, feeling overwhelmed, frustration, guilt, sadness, fear, anger, shame, loneliness and feelings of loss. 

They are all normal and it is OK to feel these things… you are not alone in feeling them.

Our art group gives an opportunity to share and explore these feelings in a safe space.

Drawing materials will be available if you feel like using them. You don’t have to stay for the whole two hours. Spaces are limited.

Contact: [email protected] Call: 722959