During Mental Health Awareness Week, the charities involved want to stress the fact that getting active doesn’t have to involve intense workouts or a gym membership.

Any type of physical activity, from a brisk walk to a yoga class, can help you stay mentally healthy and better handle life’s challenges. The key is to find an activity you enjoy, and just get moving

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What can you do?

We are very lucky on Guernsey to have a huge range of groups and organisations that offer ways for you to move more and get active. 

We have included links to a few activities you can do during the week, but there are many more. If you run a group or organisation and would like to be included, please email [email protected]

There are a number of groups and activities at community centres and other locations around the Island:

Activities at a glance:

The benefit of doing activities in a group is that it gives you the opportunity to meet people and have a chat, but there are also plenty of activities you can do on your own. Why not take the opportunity to explore the Island and do something different?

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