Workplace Training

It is widely recognised that mentally healthy workplaces experience less absence, increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction, yet 1 in 6 workers experience depression, anxiety or stress.

By taking a proactive approach we will guide you to develop an action plan that will support mental wellbeing. This will aim to increase mental health awareness, reduce stigma, and introduce simple and effective management tools to help employees stay at and/or return to work. To ensure widespread change throughout an organisation the early support of senior management is vital. We recommend a pyramid approach; train managers first, then raise staff awareness.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Louisa Mace

Manager Training 

This 3-hour session will provide managers with the information and development to better understand and manage the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions. 

Through group work and open conversation, we will discuss the reasonable adjustments needed for an employee to return and stay in work, whilst considering the larger impact on the team as a whole. 

Content includes:

  • Mental health, the business case and your role as a manager
  • Promoting and boosting staff wellbeing and taking stock
  • Conversations about mental health and supporting employees
  • Positive and proactive performance management and mental health
  • Signposts to information and support
The cost for this is £550 per session and we can train up to 20 people.

Awareness Training 

This 1-hour session will give staff a general introduction to mental health conditions and how to recognise symptoms in ourselves and others, whilst offering practical tools to help develop positive wellbeing. 

The cost for this is £400 per session and we can train up to 50 people.

Listening Skills Training

Talking about mental health can be difficult and awkward, but it doesn’t have to be, nor do you need to be an expert to engage in conversations about mental health. Just a few small words - like asking someone how they’re feeling rather than if they are ok - can make a huge difference. This session will provide tips and guidance on how to start conversations, learn how to listen better and support people more effectively. 

The cost for this is £400 per session and we can train up to 50 people.


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